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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why We Love Halloween

Halloween festival is been celebrated by millions of Americans every year. Houses are been decorated and we try our gardens to make them as spooky as possible. In recent years the Halloween decorations have become more and more complex. It is almost as if more and more people are getting in the Halloween party decoration with as much passion as they do during the Christmas.

The best part of Halloween festive is Haunted house and Halloween costumes. All types of groups from schools to society groups are managing and running haunted house during Halloween to amuse trick and treaters and as well parents. But how many of us know that where actually Halloween has come from, what is Halloween party really all about? Well, the holiday that is recognized as Halloween today bares little semblance to its origins. While many of the traditions of making jack 'o' lanterns, and treating out people do come from the old European holiday recognized as Samhain, the origins of Halloween are extremely different from what we commemorate today. Contrary to what some people might consider there was never anything intrinsically wickedness about Halloween.

Mainly Halloween is enjoyed because of its costume, our children, even along with the adults; dress up in Halloween costumes, which range from horribly scary to outright funny. Children wait for Halloween party as they love to go out for Trick or Treating; wandering up and down the neighborhood streets knocking on doors and holding up their treat bags. People normally have home made costumes, today even ready made Halloween costumes are more the norm.

Halloween provoke up images of witches, brooms, cauldrons, spiders, black cats, ghouls and ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns. Jack-O-Lantern figurine has become an art shape among many Americans. Some of us even try to win in community contests to see who could carve the scariest or funniest Jack-O-Lanterns. The ideas about witches, the devil and monsters is actually linked with Halloween are later on additions to the holiday we observe late in October. Halloween in fact has its roots in the Celtic culture. Many of the traditions we observe today have come straight to us from the Irish.

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