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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who's Sue Sylvester?

This is the year of the costumes of Glee. Trick-or-treaters worldwide is planning to dress like Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray. That all right, but if you really want a memorable Glee costume this Halloween, must dress as arc NĂ©mesis Sue Sylvester of Will Schuester. As the head of the Cheerios, Sue Chief ambition is to tear apart from the chorus. His attire is simple, which means that a guise of Sue Sylvester will require a minimum of effort.


Sue Sylvester always wears a tracksuit in Adidas. If you want to be the exact same outfit as Sue, only to stop nearest American clothing store. The new Glee clothes of Macy's line has also a Sue tracksuit. But it is not necessary to buy a new suit for his Glee costume. Any coincidence of runway and pants jacket will work. Sue normally wears a red tracksuit, but who has dressed blue in several episodes as well.

As for footwear, everything you need is a good pair of tennis shoes. Not only will have completed his guise of Sue Sylvester, tennis shoes will also keep your feet comfortable during an expedition of long trick-or-treating.


If it already has short blond hair, you don't have to do anything for your wardrobe. If your hair is medium in length, can Sue Sylvester false hair set up close to her hair. Moray eels and redhead must invest in cropped blonde wigs. You can find a good wig for her Glee costume at any Halloween store.

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